Meet the Co-Founder: Kailash Sarma

Meet the Co-Founder: Kamal Sarma

Meet the Director: Tiara De Silva

Tiara De Silva is a human rights, mental health and climate activist. Starting her career in 2018, Tiara has since featured and worked with organisations such as ABC Australia, Triple J, Greenpeace International, SBS,  SkyNews & has recently started her role as Youth Ambassador for Reach Out Australia. She draws inspiration from her family and friends and is passionate about helping young people find their voice and share their unique stories. 


“I believe that young people are the medium for change. Captivate the Future is a remarkable opportunity that not only provides a platform for our future leaders & creatives, that instills and extends their confidence within”


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All of our team are passionate about making the world a better place. We are innovators, entrepreneurs and professional speakers. While we all follow different paths, our purpose is to empower the youth to create the change that they want to see.

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