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Captivate the Future

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Using your voice to inspire real change

Captivate the Future (CTF) Competition empowers YOU; the youth of Australia to share your story to change our future.


We give you a platform to voice the change YOU want to see in the world, in the hopes of influencing your community, society and the world. All in the pursuit of creating the change you want to see.


We understand when given the opportunity, you can change the world. From Greta Thunderberg who is fighting to fix Climate Change to Emma Gonzales fighting for stricter gun laws in America. We want YOU to be advocating for what you believe in.



Sadly, your voice may not being heard to its full potential. Your stories, experiences and perspectives have been discounted, diminished and disregarded for way too long. At CTF, we understand that the next generation has the most to gain AND lose if we don’t change our ways of living on this planet.



You are not alone; The CTF team will help you every step of the way. Our team will help you discover your voice, articulate your story and give you the tools and skills needed to captivate your audience.

Win Amazing Prizes!

$1,000 prize money!

Our judges will select one Captivate the Future Winner! This presenter will be awarded $1,000 in prize money.

Inspire others!

Our judges will select ten Finalists. They will be awarded an opportunity to present their Captivate the Future message, to educate and inspire an audience of prominent leaders, innovators and politicians!

Youtube and more prizes!

All videos will be uploaded onto Youtube to inspire change! Additionally, you will receive a participation prize and a certificate of completion. The school with the highest percentage of participants will also receive a prize.

If it’s not you, who will it be?



As the next generation, you have the most to gain AND the most to lose if we don’t change our way of living. Greta Thunberg  using her voice to prompt our leaders into action to address Climate Change. . Emma Gonzales is fighting for stricter gun laws in America. What do YOU believe in? Start advocating today!

How it works

Captivate the Future is a public speaking competition that aims to empower students to share their story and change their future. This competition is FREE to enter and  will allow everyone’s voices to be heard. This competition is designed to give each participant an EQUAL opportunity to share their message.


Captivate the Future is open to young people  who are attending or have attended a secondary school establishment. This competition will be available for anyone from grade 7 to grade 12 in 2021.  Students are limited to one entry per yearly competition. 


To enter this FREE competition:


  1. Complete and submit an application form.

  2. Choose a topic you’re passionate about

  3. Write and refine your speech – it should go for no longer than 5 minutes

  4. Practise, practise, practise! 

  5. Speak with passion! Record a video of yourself performing your speech – you can use your phone or tablet!

  6. Submit your video before 10:00pm, 5th November 2021

Join our Google Classroom and start learning!

To view the videos:


  1. Open Google Classroom in your internet browser (

  2. Sign in using a personal Gmail email account (Note: Google Classroom does not accept school email accounts)

  3. Enrol in the Captivate The Future classroom by typing the code b2id2sg


At the end of this program, you will have written and refined a speech that can be presented in less than 5 minutes in the Captivate The Future Competition!

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